Color correction refers to the process of altering the color of an image in order to give it a special look. The technique of color correction is used in wide array of fields including stage lighting, photography, television, magazines, cinematography, and in many other areas with the intent to create required effects in the image or object. You might have seen a dull object looking bright on screen with change in its hue and saturation. All this can be achieved through color correction technique.

Let us have a look upon on some of the color correction effects.

Shadow and Highlight effect

This effect is used where the image is subjected to large amount of shadow and there is need to highlight those shadowed areas. If you have taken any of the photographs in extreme sunlight, you can make use of this effect to highlight the key areas. On the other hand, you can also adjust the shadow level if the image is highlighted more than required. This effect aims at adjusting the shadows and highlights independently without darkening or lighting the entire image.

Black and White effect

This effect aims to convert a colored image into black and white image. It gives lighter or darker gray tone to the image. For example, you have a photograph of very bright and colorful hues, but want to give it an old look like that of old times. With the aid of this technique, you can give black and white look to the photograph.

Auto level effect

This effect automatically maps the lightest and darkest area in the photograph and aims to achieve the desired outcome. It highlights the lighter areas and lightens the darker areas. It adjusts the color level individually. Moreover it introduces the color casts on its own wherever it is required.

Brightness and contrast effect

Color correction makes a huge difference in changing the overall composition of the image with change in brightness, contrast, vibrancy, and exposure. With this technique you can brighten up the dull image and introduce contrast of different colors. Brightness and contrast effect is the one the easiest way to make adjustment in the tonal range of the image.

Change to color effect

This effect aims at changing the color of the layer you select in to another color leaving other layers unaffected. You can achieve the desired color according to the hue, saturation, and lightness. It might occur during photography that a particular object appeared of different color as it existed in real. So this effect allows you to change the object into its real color.

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