A picture says a thousand words- Understanding Jewelry image retouching services

A picture says a thousand words… It is a popular saying. Jewelry image retouching lets you represent your product in an exquisite manner.

“Jewelry”, is loved by all women, irrespective of the age. Ornaments like necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets and lots more have been extremely demanded all over the world.

Today’s competitive business scenario demands for the businesses to present the photos of the jewelry in a profound manner. So often, we have come across the marketing materials where the images used are not what they should be. Sometimes they just look out of the place or may have bad tones and colors.

The need for jewelry image retouching services

With the latest jewelry image retouching services, existing photos can be given a new look by simply eliminating their flaws like dullness, spots and bad color combination and even poor contrast. The technique can also change the background, making the product look more prominent.

Presentation is the need of the hour. Poorly presented sites will never bring about much confidence in clients looking to buy such expensive commodity from you. So the look of the products and items must be clean and professionally done.

Intricacies of the job

Jewelry retouching may seem easy, but in real it is a tricky job. Prior giving an image a new look, a professional should understand how to effectively represent the reflective surfaces and metals. The detailing of the ornaments also needs to be considered. Editing of the background makes the jewel stand out and capture the attention of the viewers.

Retouching jewelry images are an intensive job; the reasons are obvious; no customer wants to put a photo with flaws on its site.

Finding the right service is the key

The market is full of companies which provide photo retouching services. Finding a professional company is relevant. A firm of high repute has the skilled personnel that can expertly handle your project. Since it’s the digital era, you can look for such companies online. Just type the right keywords and get your results.

Shortlist a few providers and compare them on the basis of their experience, area of work, reputation and services. Choose the one suiting your needs.

Plexail is a leading photo post processing company having over 15 years of experience in the industry. We have a niche in jewelry retouching services. Contact us for more details or email us your queries. We will be happy to help you.


Have you ever wondered why the images you see online are so attractive and flawless? What makes the pictures so mesmerizing that you are ready to buy it just at a glance? The difference between an average and attractive picture lies in the art of photo editing. This is very essential for the online retailers because while doing online shopping customers can’t touch the product. Their buying decision solely depends upon the look of the product.

Thus, special emphasis is given to the quality of online photography.

Let us know how photo editing services can help an e-commerce retailer to flourish his business.

Used for developing advertisements

For carrying out the marketing by any business firm, it is essential to design a striking advertisement that displays their products and services in an effective manner. However, for online retailers, pleasing look of the advertisement holds a little more importance. With the aid of photo editing services, extra colors, fonts, brightness and attractivity can be added to the images. These services make the image stand out from others and capture the attention to the buyers.

Used for online real estate websites

Online real estate business depends upon the picture quality of the real estate properties. Buyers decide to invest in a property by looking at the pictures. Thus the art of photo editing plays an important role in enhancing the picture quality. More presentable and appealing the photo, more number of buyers will be convinced to buy the property. This will greatly benefit the real estate owners.

Used for professional photo shoots

Professional photo shot of a model or a product not only requires great perfection but is also time consuming and expensive. Any negligence can cause the business upside down. With the advent of photo editing, the flaws can be rectified very easily. You can change the background, remove any unwanted element, change the shape, size, or bring any type of change in the image. In case of the photo shoot of the models, you can make them look perfect on screen by removing wrinkles, any extra fat, frizzy hair, or unwanted baby lines.

Used for e-commerce websites

Photo editing has proved to be boon for the e-commerce business. Now-a days, people’s dependence on online shopping has increased to a great extent. For this purpose, e- commerce retailers has to maintain their site in a perfect manner. The goods and services they show case need to be alluring enough to influence the purchase decision of the buyers in the positive manner.

Photo editing services offer an incredible benefit to the e-commerce business of the retailers. This has resulted in attracting large number of the potential buyers. For exceptional photo editing services, get in touch with Plexail. With us, you can achieve perfection till the last pixel. Get in touch with us and achieve success in your e-commerce business. You can even fill our online reservation forms for free quotes.

Have you ever wished to see your old black and white photograph as a colored image? This will no longer remain a wish. With photo editing services, coloring will bring aliveness in your old photograph. The coloring of the photograph is done digitally, without affecting the quality of original photograph.

Here are the steps to convert black and white image into colorized one.

  • Remove white patches– You will notice that often black and white photos are accompanied with white patches on it. It may occur because the photo withers with the passage of time. Removing the white patches is the very first step of colorizing the image. It is done by using a clone stamp tool and pressing Alt key that picks the plain surface and apply it on the white patch area. It gives the image smoother and cleaner look.
  • Color the image object by object– In the next step, the image is colored not as whole rather object by object. It is always advisable to color one object at a time. It is done by selecting the object with a magnetic Lasso Tool and then applying color in it through hue and saturation option.
  • Next object– After completing the color of first object, move on to the next object. After applying the color, if the object looks plain, you can add noise effect to it. If you want to give a natural look, you can make the use of grain texture option. For different tones of the object, you can take the advantage Midtones option.

Changing color of black and white images should be done with due consideration

If you are changing the color of an object, then the color must be chosen according to the object represented in the particular scene. For an instance, if you are to color a door, then start by coloring its side border. It can be colored using Rectangle Marquee Tool. Select the color keeping each and every minute detail in mind. Now, proceed with coloring rectangles between the door in such a manner that there is sharp contrast between the outside and inside colors. Changing the color is a painstaking job that calls an eye for due care and consideration. It must be chosen to give well and finished final touch expressing the mood of the entire composition.

We, at Plexail have highly skilled personnel to make you black and white picture come out alive in color. We offer cost-effective services without compromising the level of quality. Get in touch with us to avail our exceptional services and give your photograph a refreshing look.

360 degree panorama allows you to view the scene as you were present there. With the new trends in technology and photography, things keep changing everyday. Everyone wants something new and exceptional. The concept of 360 degree panorama gives a new spark of creativity to your images so that you can experience unique every time.

An ideal way of producing photographs

360 degree panoramic effect creates the most pleasing visual symmetry. Using this technique will line up all the objects of your scene including trees, buildings, and other structures and gives a fine illusion. While taking the panoramic view, you have to ensure that the edges blend nicely.

A wider look

Panoramic effect gives a wider look to your photograph. If you want your image to be more wide than tall, then this effect of creating photographs is the most suitable. It makes your photo planet to be rounder. With the increase in width, you can cover more amounts of objects than in any other concept.

Skills involved

Creative skills are required for creating images through panoramic effect. First of all what you need is to imagine the scenario, then adjust the position of your camera accordingly, and adjust the subject and background of your image so that the result that comes out is eye catchy and believable. You also need to pay equal amount of attention to the lightening that makes your image look convincing. There should be a match between background and foreground light.


You need to set up a realistic setting so that your viewers believe in the image. All you need is a suitable object, a proper place to put the object, and an appropriate location. Make sure that there is enough distance between the object and the background. You can take the panoramic view with a wide lens or a zoom lens.

To achieve a flawless panoramic view of the images of buildings, landscapes, or interiors trust Plexail. With us, you can achieve perfection till the last pixel. We assure you of quality services. Our professionals will make your photographs outstanding and meet your business goals. Call us to avail our services. We guarantee you to deliver best services.

If any type of disaster strikes your old good memories photographs whether in the form of flood, fire, water damage, ultraviolet rays, or mold damage- there is still a ray of hope. With the art of photo restoration technique, you can rebuild your damaged photographs and get back its former glory.

The art of photo restoration is unique and is used for repairing different type of damages. Let us get in touch with what all that can be achieved through the technique of photo restoration.

Removes scratches

Now you can remove scratches from your old photographs and give it a new and refined look with the art of photo restoration. You can even remove pencil marks, ink stains, paints, pencil or pen marks, and any other type of stain. Your black and white photo can be restored in color as a digital photo.

Restore wedding photos

Your wedding photos are real treasures. These are everlasting memories that need to be preserved for lifetime. But some of the old wedding photos torn out with time, or become yellow in color. With the magic of photo restoration, you can make your wedding pictures look fresh. You can remove creases, yellow marks, rips, and enhance its quality by removing unwanted objects.

Repair of ripped and torn out photo

Many times you try to repair your ripped photo by placing a tape on it. But that may not yield satisfactory and long term results. Now, with the art of photo restoration, you can remove crease and tear from the sensitive areas. It develops your destroyed photo by putting back it together pixel by pixel.

Repair damaged photos

With the water spillage over your photo, the print may suffer a permanent damage and destroy your whole photo. Photo restoration helps to redeem your photograph by fixing water damaged photos, photos stuck to glass, water or fire stain. Repairing such damages requires the experts’ aid.

Repair faded photographs

With the passage of time your photos may fade due to sunlight, washing, or due to obsolete technique of developing photographs. With the photo restoration technique you can repair faded photos by correcting contrast, brightness, and colors. Your faded photographs can be corrected and made to look new.

Preserving the quality of old photographs is very essential. For exceptional photo restoration services, get in touch with Plexail. We have gained experience of several years in restoring your old family photographs and re- building missing parts. For perfection till the last pixel, call us. We will provide you best and professional photo restoration services.