Photographs are the collection of old memories that form an important part of our lives. It depicts the memorable time you have spent with your family or friends. As a preservation of those memories, you want that photos to last forever so that you can reminisce the old time by looking at the photographs. However, some childhood photos may get damage with the passage of time due to the obsolete technology used in its production. But with the advent of photo restoration services, you can preserve those memories.

Various other aspects of photo restoration service includes-

  • Restoring the faded photos
  • Removing any kind of spots or stains
  • Enhancing or enlarging the images
  • Water damage repair
  • Sharpening of image
  • Removal of unwanted people from the photograph
  • Repairing the folds, scratches, and creases
  • Conversion of black and white photo into colored one

Why the need of photo restoration arises?

When there were no digital cameras, people get the photos printed and stored them in an album. They may also get it framed. But the paper that used to print the photographs was not of high quality to keep the picture intact. Thus, it could result in damage of carious types.

Let us get to know some of the top benefits of photo restoration and how it could help you achieve something bigger


  • Recreate the missing parts– It may sometimes happen that you find some missing parts in a photograph like eyes, hands, feet, or any other. But, with photo restoration technique you can digitally reconstruct the missing parts to match the original image.
  • Electronic storage- Restoring the old photograph allows you to covert it into digital images which are easy to store and share with others. You cans store it in DVD, CD. If you want to share those photographs with others, you can do so through emails and print as many copies as you want.
  • Add color to black and white photograph– Professional photo restoration technique allows you to add natural sepia to your old black and white photographs. You can even add full color to it. You can get the photo of realistic shades and even add special effects to it. Besides it, the technique can add required sharpness and blurness to the image.

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A quality photograph has lots to say. The images bear different messages and are a valuable asset for online retailers. The business of e-commerce sites solely depend on the eminence of the photos they exhibit on their sites. If the pictures on the site are blurred or lack detailing, it may become difficult to sell the products. However, sometimes, even after spending hundreds of dollars on professional photography, the images do not come up to the mark.

It is where professional photo editing services can help you:

Clipping path/removing/changing background

The background of a picture is very important. A distractive one makes buyer lose interest in the product. However, being a newbie in online business, you cannot spend hundreds of dollars on setting up a charming location for each shoot. The image editing technique can add the desired background in the picture making it look appealing.

The technique can also remove backgrounds that look unattractive and hamper the clarity of the image in any way.

Photo enhancement services

Your site must only have good pictures. All you need to do is provide the editing company the clips and specify the descriptions, the rest leave it to them. With the help of editing techniques, they will compress the photos without having to change their quality so that they may load quickly on the website.

They remove unwanted objects, crop vital portions so that the prime product is focused clearly. This way the customer will pay attention to the subject only.

Apart from it, you also get other effects like drop shadow that removes distractive shadows from the image. This way, the picture will come shining and attract the viewer’s attention.

Additionally, they also offer other services like image retouching, color correction and manipulation and lots more.

However, if you want to make your online business a huge success, invest in a professional image editing company. They can help improve the pictures on your site, thereby, bringing more clients. Search for such firms online or in the local directories. Choose them on the basis of their experience, reputation, quality of work and software they use.

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For a fashion house, photographs of their models are like an asset. However, they know the importance of preserving them, but certain factors are out of their control and sometimes lead to the picture getting damaged. It is where professional photo restoration services come to their rescue. Let’s have a look at its benefits.

Time saver

Photo restoration services are best to be left to professionals. This leaves you with adequate time to focus on other relevant things. For example, a fashion house will have thousands of pictures to restore. Firstly, your staff will compile the picture inventory, organize and preserve them and an artist will start digitizing it that may take months. However, outsourcing them is the best way to get the work done in the shortest time and that too efficiently.

Quality work

The artists working for photo editing companies are specially trained in various picture restoration techniques. They are graphics master and have the knowledge about the latest software that enables them to render flawless images. So, therefore, relying on professionals make sense and assures of quality work.

Cost effective

If you hire an in-house team to get the work done, the cost not only includes the salaries, but also for the set-up. Also, you have to invest in licenses of the image editing software. The licenses are quite expensive. However, outsourcing the project to an image editing company saves you money. They have proper set-up and trained graphic artists to complete the restoration process.

Photo restoration can make or mar your photographs. Therefore, it is important to hire the services of a company that have a proven track to restore old photos.

However, if you are looking for image editing companies, start your search online. Google using the right keywords. You will get plenty of options. Note down the names of the top five companies on the internet and start researching about them. Go through their site and see their previous work. Read their reviews online on the third party sites.

Take quotes and compare them on the basis of experience, quality of work, clientele and the kind of services they offer. Also, inquire about the software they use and the qualification of their employees.

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No matter how professionally a photographed had been clicked, most of the times it needs to be edited. Looking at a picture, sometimes you feel as if something needs to be removed or added.  It is where ‘Image Cut Out” technique can help.  It is considered as one of the most useful trick in editing which is used to separate any complex picture from the background.

With the help of the tool, even photos with exquisite details and complexities can be extracted from their background with a lot more convenience and ease.

How Image cut out technique is helpful?

It can help you isolate an image, cut it and remove it from its original background. It is one of the most commonly used methods in photo editing procedure.

You can get more composite pictures in no time. Mostly, the technique is used in the fashion industry wherein the pictures of models are being cut out and place in the client’s desired background.

It helps blending multiple image objects into a single picture. The technique is most commonly used in print advertisement.  A simple photograph can be made attractive and eye catching by blending different objects into it.

The technique is not only applicable in RGB images, but also in color and gray scale pictures as well.

It can isolate and remove the desired portion of a picture. Cut out image technique also crafts transparency without compensating the clarity of the photograph. The photo can be removed from their background and placed in new ones.

Cut out image can help you in a number of ways. With the help of it, you can make a monotonous photograph look interesting and attractive. However, no matter you own a fashion house, deal in antics or a realtor… it can be helpful for you in every way.

However, for editing process, rely on professionals. An amateur lacks the experience and imagination to perform such a complicated task with precision. Your assignment can totally be ruined wasting your time and money both. You can start searching for professionals online or in local directories. Choose one on the basis of their work, experience and client feedback.

Meet them and discuss about your requirements and let them make suggestions. Let them do most of the talking. It will help you know their skills and knowledge about the field.

If you are looking for professional image editing services, get in touch with Plexail. Our technicians are well versed with all the technique and help you get the desired results. Call us for more information or email us your queries.

Clipping path service is extensively used in the world of photo editing and graphic designing. Clipping path refers to the outline that is created using the pen tool in softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. It is mainly used to cut out the image from its background and placing the image on some another background with an appealing look. After it is being applied, everything inside the path will be included in the final cut whereas everything outside will be discarded.

Here are some of the top benefits of availing clipping path service for your picture enhancement.

A great savior of time, money, and efforts

In the present world, the demand of the clipping path service has been in great demand among the photo industries. Professionals such as digital photographers, advertising agencies, catalogue companies, and graphic designers outsource this service for their perfect images so as to impress their clientele. By outsourcing this service, they can achieve perfection till the last pixel thus saving their lot of time, money, and efforts.

To enhance the visual impact of the photo

When it comes to clipping path technique, its main purpose is to enhance the image quality. By eliminating the unwanted background, it makes the image look much more beautiful. So, this technique carries with itself the art of enhancing the visual appeal of the photographs. This quality makes the service popular all over the world.

Perfect vector illustrations

Many people use clipping path service because of the perfect vector illustrations. Vector illustrations are nothing but the output of the clipping path technique. After this technique, vector illustrations thus produced are much cleaner, appealing, and tidier. Because of these factors, the technique is often used in CAD conversions.

Used by glamour industry

The technique is being widely used by the glamour industry that is greatly being benefited with the advantages offered by the clipping path service. It is being seen that in fashion industry models look flawless and absolutely attractive. This is all made possible with the clipping path service. Digital slimming, photo correction techniques make the onscreen visual look perfect. So, it has earned lot of dollars for the glamour industry.

In nutshell, clipping path technique plays a great role in diversity of fields. For professional clipping path service, get in touch with Plexail. We make you look your photographs absolutely stunning. Outsource our services and we would give your business a cutting edge in this competitive world. Contact us for more details.