In today’s highly competitive world, the role of image editing services is extremely crucial. High quality pictures convey the company’s message in the best possible manner.  It is the reason; professional photo editing services have become an essential part of marketing, communication and branding activity of any company.

Additionally, due to the popularity of social media, photographs have become a universal communication language. The visual cues help audience relates to your brand and message.

Let’s study a few more benefits image editing services offer your business:

Helps in brand building

If you own an e-commerce site, your business solely relies on the quality of pictures on your website. Well edited images help the customer feel confident while buying your product or service.

Increased sales

The clarity and overall eminence of the photos on your site is of prime importance.  You would not want mediocre images to represent your products and services. Experts can change the complexion and overall look of the pictures so to make them look alluring for the potential customers. More customers mean better sales.

Brand credibility

46% of the people find it easier to trust the companies those have genuine images on their site.  It can help you achieve credibility in today’s tough market scenario.

Easy availability

E-commerce site owners rely heavily on photos of the product. So, therefore, to keep their business running they need a steady supply of pictures on a daily basis.  The experts cater to your needs without compromising on quality.

You can reuse the photographs

With the help of such firms, you can reuse the images for multiple purposes. You can use the same photos for various purposes by changing their background or clubbing them with others.

Additionally, you can also use them for different platforms. The provider can customize the images so that can have the same impact on multiple marketing platforms, including social media, digital ad and print ads and lots more.

From compressing the large sized images to resizing and cropping, the experts offer loads of advantages of photo editing for different industries. However, just make sure you rely on a company of high reputation and credibility. Make sure they make use of latest software so as to achieve the highest quality results.

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Are you are a fashion magazine lover? If yes, then you would have observed that the pictures in such publications look beautiful and flawless.  Without this, the industry would be at lost. An amazing imagery is very crucial for everything from conveying a certain mood to selling a product. However, a lot of skill goes into making the photos look amazing and grab the attention of the clients the same time.

Fashion image retouching services are carried out by experts. They know their job like the back of their hands, but are also aware of all the secrets surrounding the fashion photos.  The skin, the dress and figure….. Everything is worked on to look just the perfect.

Correcting imperfections

The professionals look for any imperfections that are not the normal part of the subject’s face like a zit, acne, bags under the eye and lots more.  Next the clothes are checked for their fitting.  Everything is edited in the manner that looks as natural as possible.  The retouching also corrects the red eye, brightness and under eye circles, blemishes, makes the lips look fuller and also readjust the body contours.

Most common edited areas in a fashion photo

Fashion is all about the clothes, so, therefore, sliming and shaping of the body and clothes are the most common edited areas in the field.

Role of a professional image editor

Initially, the professional analyze the image from the point view of a viewer and mark the areas that need improvement to make the picture look attractive and impressive. They use advanced computer imaging software to change the appearance of the picture.

For a professional, it takes from five minutes to two hours, depending on the type of job. On an average, it takes about 15 minutes per image. However, a lot also depends on the post production and the photography. If these jobs are done well, then an editor does not need much time to retouch the pictures.

In the world of fashion, photo retouching services have become relevant to grab the attention of the viewer so as to get the desired results.  However, it’s a tough task as sometimes in the realm of making the image look perfect, it loses all its natural charm. So, therefore, the proficient firms take their time to retouch the images in such a manner that it does not lose its uniqueness and authenticity.

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Photographs are usually mishandled. They are not stored properly that causes their color to fade or change. However, if you are looking to revive old memories, find a photo restoration service provider near you. There are loads of firms available online that offer these services. Just choose the one with high level of experience and reputation.

What type of photos I can get restored?

The agencies get your black & white and color photos, slides or negatives retouched even if they are faded, scratched, mildew damaged, stained or water or fire damaged.

How do they restore your old memories?

Professionals make use of a computer and various apps to refurbish your images.  The process involves the use of the scanner using which they scan the original slide, picture or negative so as to get a high resolution photo to work on.

They use various apps to edit and retouch it making your memories to last forever.  The healing and cloning tools repair scratches and blemishes on it.

Despite trying to fix up your images on your own, let an expert try their hands on it. They will revamp the photograph by adjusting their color, contrast and sharpness. They will also remove dust, tears and scratches from it.

The burned parts, mildew damage and missing parts, they can fix everything. They can re-create the burned or missing parts with the help of editing software.  However, they can also color the black & white pictures. Even the objects in the background can be added or removed.

The reason to get your photos restored

Restoration process digitizes your images and digital ones don’t fade or get damaged unless the CD or DVD is stored in a wrong manner.  On the other hand, images start to turn yellow after a few years, especially if stored in basement or exposed to sunlight.

However, after the process is completed, the service provider will hand over you the digital copies. Just make sure you keep them secured this time.

The procedure can help you revive your old memories, be it your school days, wedding ceremony, first baby. Let these moments stay with you forever.

Plexail offers photo restoration services at affordable prices. Meet us with the bulk of the images you want to get refurbished and our technicians will get you the best results. Call us for an appointment today. We will be happy to help you. You can also submit your queries online

Gone are the days, when realtors would stage an open house for the buyers to visit and take their decision. However, today, with the coming of image editing services, you can offer them virtual tours. Virtual staging gives the customers an idea of the space in and around the property. This way you can have the access to homebuyers from across the globe.

Virtual staging offers the clients enough details about the property without having them to visit it. The services are offered by many Image editing providers. The editors gather all the information from the agent and put them together in the form of a 360 degree tour. It gives the customers feel as if they are touring the property in reality.

How virtual staging can boost your business?

  • High quality images are taken, edited and put together. The resolution of the photograph is good, thereby, offering all details to the clients.
  • The format can be easily uploaded to your personal site.
  • It helps you have access to the buyers from around the world.
  • You can reach a wider audience in comparison to the open house.

Advantages of hiring a professional firm for the service


The professional agencies hold international certifications from reputed organizations around the world. However, for these certificates, they have to maintain certain values and standards. Additionally, they have good aesthetics and dedicated marketing strategy for your company.

Quality services

The firms have qualified and experienced photo editors that are capable and dedicated. Additionally, they have state-of-art infrastructure and high-end software that ensures error-free projects. Moreover, the final result undergoes a series of check so as to make sure of highest quality.

Work capacity

The firms are experienced and have workforce to handle multiple projects at a time.  Dedicated teams handle different projects to make sure the best end results.

On-time completion of the project

A reputable firm completes the project on time. The experience editors have the experience and capability to edit photos within the specified time limit. So no matter what, your project will be handled professionally and end results would be astounding.

So, therefore, research thoroughly prior hiring an image editing company. A firm of high repute ensures the highest quality work.

Plexail offers virtual staging services for real estate companies. Get in touch with us for more details or submit your queries online. We will get back to you in the shortest time possible.