The trend of clipping path service has been on high surge these days. The latest trend in digital photography field has created lot of scope for photographers and graphic designers. Among them, clipping path service is the latest trend in the graphic outsourcing industry. You might be wondering what is clipping path service? Let us know in detail.

Clipping path is a vector path that is used to cut off the some part of the image so that it could be used somewhere else. It also involves the removal of background. Selecting the required area allows you to modify the specific part of the image. You can knock out the background and add a new background instead of that.

There are number of tools to carry out this service. Some of them are-

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Paint

There are numerous advantages offered by clipping path service. Let’s have a look.

  • In high demand by number of industries– The demand for this service has been in high demand. It’s being extensively used by number of industries for carrying out various types of works related to websites, brochures, magazines, jewelry designs, and many such works.
  • Highly prevalent in glamour industry– The services are widely enjoyed by glamour industry to create picture perfect models. It works by enhancing the features, attires, and the whole outward appearance of the models.
  • Effective and efficient services– The professional companies ensure that the clipping path service is carried out under the guidance of experts so that quality results are achieved in minimum time. The fast delivery of work allows the completion of maximum projects. Thus, the time saved can be utilized in other valuable projects.
  • Other advantages– Other aspects where clipping path services can be utilized are logo designing, vector illustration, photo masking, photo retouching, and computer aided design.

Owing to the high demand of clipping path service, there are many companies offering this service. However, you need to do proper research to find the company offering quality services at affordable prices. Check their background, reputation, level of services, and carefully understand their terms and conditions.

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace role of digital photographs is extremely crucial from a marketing viewpoint for any business and same applies to jewelry business. To sell jewelry especially online, it has to be impressive looking that could grab the attention of viewers. Even if the jewelry photographs are clicked by professional using latest cameras still photographs fail to cast the same impact as it were in reality. To run a successful business, it is very important that the details of every nook and corner of jewelry is displayed to viewer in detail. If you are a jewelry business owner then must understand that your sale is totally dependent upon the looks of your jewelry images. It is suggested to get your jewelry images edited from professional image editing company to stand much ahead in competition with others. Jewelry photo editing services includes:

  • Clarity improvement of jewelry images
  • Eliminating bad colors out of images
  • Enhancing the metal colors
  • Maintaining highlights and shadows
  • Brightness and contrast corrections
  • Fixing uneven details and defects
  • Removal of unwanted elements
  • Color corrections
  • Setting color combinations
  • Changing the colors of jewelry
  • Improving glow and luster of jewelry
  • Background replacement
  • Fine tuning of ornaments
  • Clipping and creating realistic shadow
  • Rebuilding blank area

Professional jewelry retouch artists can provide editing services for the jewelry products of any complexity and made up of any material.  They make use different techniques, tools and software the output the image best out of it.

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Online industry has occupied huge market place. Nowadays many people prefer shopping online without stepping out in the stores. So, such consumer’s buying decision relies on the product images. If you are an online vendor and run an e-commerce store, you need to assure that your product photos should not be dull and drab. Without the ability to touch and smell the images, the aesthetic aspect and the physical appearance of the images play an important role to reap quicker sales benefits.

By outsourcing photo editing and retouching services, you can meet the consistent and high editing services of the companies. This can help you achieve the following things.

Image Resizing

You may loose the visitors if the images on your website take too much time to appear. So, you must assure that your product images must be high in quality and lighter in size. Professionals make sure that to resize and compress the images in such a way that it remains high in quality and appear faster on page.

High Resolution images

High resolution images help to attain your e-commerce store higher profits. Sharpened, neat, clean, and attractive images will appeal to the customers and help in the easy selection of the product.


Setting an appropriate background is very essential to project the product in its best form. Rather than any colored background, a white background is always recommended. It will give the precise idea of the shape, color, and texture of the product.

Being the owner of the business, you have many other tasks to handle and have to focus on other revenue-generating activities. Hiring photo retouching services is very important to enhance the appearance of your product images. This will provide a boost to the sales. The professionals are capable enough to offer the desired results in a short span of time.

To make your product photos high in quality, hire photo editing services with Plexail. We have experience artists who are pushing boundaries to deliver you the best results. The impeccable product images will surely relate to high return on investment.

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Photo retouching is one of the most widely used image manipulation technique that specifically works for image enhancement and restoration. Image with this process can be regained to its original looks with adjustments of colors, its sharpness and brightness levels along with repairing of spoiled and missing areas. There are unlimited benefits of using photo retouching services no matter you are using it for your personal or business use.

  • Photo retouching is helpful to remove any kind of stretch, replace background, enhance luster and brightness and you can get totally new look in your photo.
  • It helps to crop the image that means you can eliminate the unwanted part of the image.
  • You can give vibrant colors to an old black and white photograph without sacrificing the quality or clarity of the original image.
  • This image manipulation technique is used to repair the damaged or deteriorated images which are faded due to marks, dust, stains and several scratches.
  • You can even your skin tone in the image, remove fine lines, blemishes and moreover acne, moles, birthmarks can also be covered.
  • Apart from this if the image is not pretty much clear due to poor lighting or shadow effects, then that can be fixed too.

Get it done from professionals

Retouching an image needs professional editing, visualizing skills as well as expertise in using different retouching tools. The task of photo retouching is highly time consuming process and hence it is best left to be done by the qualified and experienced professionals. Only professionals in this field can add that element of creativity to such outdated images. If you want to get your work done professionally, it is recommended to take assistance from a professional photo editing company who holds years of experience in this trade. Professional editing companies make use of high tech tools, multiple software, scanners, high resolution monitors, photo quality printers and lot more to complete their editing process in an effective way.

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