E-commerce business is largely dependent on its products photos no matter it relates to jewelry, real estate, automobile, apparel, furniture, food, electronics or fashion industry. In today’s, image centric online business world, images plays a crucial role in determining the success of business. If you are running an e-commerce business and are admiring to represent your brand’s ethos in a positive and professional manner, avail top-notch e-commerce photo editing services from us. Our e-commerce photo editing team holds years of expertise in handling simple to complex products images and works hard to maintain high quality of image consistency to attract customers and entice them to click the buy button.

Our range of E-commerce photo editing services includes:

Background removal:

Our background removal services provide clean, clutter-free and ready-to-market images without affecting the overall quality of the image. Our professional editors possess in-depth knowledge of various clipping tools to neatly cut down the background from the picture

Adding shadow:

We can provide shadow effects to your product images that appear realistic and can make your photographs stand out and look more professional. Shadows add a touch of realism and bring more depth to the photograph. Adding shadow effect to the images provides 3-D effect, highlights the product and reflects the image more to reality.

Product enhancement:

We understand the value of product images to business thus works at our best to provide perfect product images before publishing it on the e-commerce website. We make use of basic, medium and advanced editing technique to enhance the overall appeal of the product images by fixing flaws such as unflattering backgrounds, unwanted distractions, color defects, poor lighting’s and much more.

Color correction:

We provide top quality color correction services for E-commerce product images. Our color correction services will help you balance your shots by balancing the white/mids/black, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and white balance levels to coordinate the setting of product photographs.

Color variant:

E-commerce websites puts every image of the same design with different colors for customer convenience. We at Plexail can help you get the same. We can create different product color images from a single color image and can add variant to the product that comes in more than one option such as color and size. Our color variant services makes easier to take images and populate them in different places with different color which in turn will help you decrease the time consumption on taking multiple images.