Images need to be retouched and manipulated in many ways so that they can be made attractive for the target audience. Image retouching is usually needed by all types of businesses so that the products and services can be made attractive for the end-users. Photos and images are often retouched and manipulated for marketing purposes. Businesses believe that images speak a thousand words and do what their marketing strategy does not. In fact, images of products and services are what attract end-users towards the products and services and therefore it has to be ensured that these are presented in the right manner.

Photo retouching is a time-consuming process and also requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Images and photos need to be retouched using the right tools and techniques. Photo editing professionals retouch images in several ways; by adding text, by brightening the image, by changing the colors and background etc.

Image retouching services provided by photo editing professional include the following:

  • Portrait retouching: Portrait retouching is provided to make sure that the images appear natural and realistic. Photo editors possess the necessary skills and technical know-how of retouching portraits in the most effective manner so that they look professional. The professionals also make sure that the images do not give a plastic appearance.
  • Real estate photo retouching: Image retouching services are also provided for real estate industry so that houses look more attractive for property hunters. Photo editors edit the images by providing proper lighting and accurate scale to the real estate images to make sure that the houses and properties attract more and more customers.
  • Commercial photography retouching: Commercial photography retouching ensures that the photos are edited in a manner that maintains the brand and reputation of the company. The images are edited in such a manner that they do not bring down the brand name in any manner. Commercial photography is done by well-trained professionals who make every effort to ensure that the images appear attractive and work as a means of marketing to target the right audience.
  • Jewelry retouching: Photo editors make use of all essential tools and techniques to make sure that they edit jewelry photos by using shine enhancement, adjusting focus stacking, removing background and also by removing unnecessary and unwanted elements in the images. Jewelry image retouching is done to make jewelry more attractive for the customers.
  • Wedding photo retouching: Wedding photos are also edited and retouched so that they can be maintained and preserved for a long time. The best tools and techniques are used by professionals to edit the wedding images in the best and the most effective manner.

Plexail offers high-end photo retouching services. Our professionals work using the best tools and techniques to make sure that the images are edited and changed in the right manner and as per the needs and requirements of the customers.