Wedding and other big event demands almost a day of photography operation to capture every single move of the entire day. Besides all, the photography chores to wedding and other events don’t halts to the big day. The actual work begins after the photography shoot. It happens most of the times when even a professional photographer fails to output best photographs and the photos captured need to undergo editing to remove the imperfections and enhance the overall appeal of the photo. If you are looking for professional wedding portrait and event photo editing services to transform your ordinary shots look brilliant, we at Plexail are there to help you.

Our specialized wedding portrait and event photo editing services includes:

Color correction:

Color correction unities several tools aimed at quality image adjustment and help to eliminate all flaws to provide best possible outcome for the image. Color correction editing service is proven to be best for wedding and other events photo editing needs as it implicates the light and color setting of the photo to grab the outputs close to the reality. Our professional editors are well versed with every tool and technique of color correction photo editing and make their best to satisfy each wedding and event photo editing need to the fullest.


Culling is the first and foremost activity performed by every photographer after the completion of the wedding or any other event photo shoot project. It is the most time-consuming and nerve-wracking task that involves choosing the best images among thousands. It may seem to be simple task, but in reality it takes couple of days or weeks to omit the disturbed images including light struck images, blurred images or images with people in bad positions. We provide prompt and best photo culling services no matter what number of photos are delivered to us. Our experts are highly skilled and hold great expertise in finding the best moments in the photos and ensure only the finest photos are adjusted to the album.

Custom Editing:

We provide custom editing services to suit your requirements. You can count on us to deliver creative designs that meet your expectations. Just upload your pictures, give us some specifications how you want them done and leave the rest on our team of professional editors. We ensure you will be completely satisfied with our outputs.